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Creative Stages of Branding Design



It’s a competitive world in every matter. When it comes to the market, one must never forget that every single month hundreds of products get launched. In a situation like this every product that comes up by you needs to be better than the others, only then can it survive the market. The success of a product depends solely on the brand, and a brand is crafted by a great process of branding. A number of researchers have found that about 78% of people prefer buying from a familiar brand and about 21% say that they can buy something that’s made by a brand they like.












Say, for example, you like Apple products. So, whenever there’s a chance for you to buy an electronic item you’ll check if Apple makes it. Now consider that you want to buy a phone, you’d definitely prefer the latest edition by Apple. That’s how brand awareness works. The better the branding, the better is the chance that people would prefer you again and again.


What exactly is branding?


Branding is the process of attributing a symbol, sign, unique design, words, or a combination of all of this that leads to the creation of an image that identifies a product or service or differentiates it from the rest of the market. In simple words, branding is where we turn a business or company into a brand. And, what is a brand? I’d answer it with a simple example. Whenever you are gifted a dress by someone, you try to look for the tag that has the brand’s name. If it’s Gucci or Armani, you’d be more than happy to get it, and if it’s something else, you’d be happy with the gift but won’t be confident about the longevity of the dress. Both the dresses might be of the same material, with the same design, but it’s the factor of ‘trust’ that differentiates a brand from a non-brand.

Now, the process of branding design is what we are going to talk about in this article. It’s a popular saying that “design is the silent ambassador of a brand”. It’s the popularity of the design connected to the name that makes any company a brand. But again, the process of branding design is not singular; it consists of a number of factors and stages. To Get Your Branding Done Right Visit The Link Smithk Solutions .


The creative stages of branding design are as follows:


  1. Business goal and brand personality – The personality of a company is defined by its design. The logo, the choice of colours and the shapes that you choose tells a lot about the idea you want your audience to have about your company. A designer might not be the one who sets the personality of the company, but he sure translates it through his designs. The beginning of the process of branding is with giving shape to the personality of the brand, and that begins with ‘communication’.


   2.  Market and Research – Once the designer is aware of the personality of the brand, he can go into the research process. He needs to find the competitor brands and figure out their way of defining the values. He then has to get a set of samples that represents the same.



   3. Logo Design – Once the colour and other stuff are finalised, the designer can finally curate the logo. The designer needs to act very cleverly here as it’s the logo that’s going to speak for the brand. A logo isn’t just a symbol; it’s a compressed form of the whole story of the brand.

   4 . Visual elements – Some think that the logo is the only visual element of a brand, when in fact, there are a lot more. One can opt for typography. A specific kind of typographic font can very well be a brand image. One can also try and create a mascot. The mascots are custom-designed little characters that represent brands in a symbolic way.

   5 .Corporate Brand Style – Once all the elements are ready, one needs to accumulate it all to weave them into a harmony of corporate style. The brand then comes into a true shape with tangible materials like business card, brochure, billboards, banners and other printable stuff.


  6.Style Guide – Right after everything is done, it is essential for the designer to provide the client with a guide that describes all the assets. A complete and described guide is what a client needs to use the assets in the right way.


































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